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It was founded in 2012 by Sipho Moses Mahlangu. Working with ZSE TV, EGOLI SOAP, ENDEMOL, BCC, GOSPEL GOLD and JUDGE DREAD have given Sipho a Best Experience in Video Production, Mahlangu Production managed to establish itself in an industry that was dominated by a mono cultural group which seemed undemocratic and biased in creativity.

ZSE TV was the real stepping stone for Sipho to hone his skills in Video Production and Audio Visuals.

In 2009 he left ZSE TV having solidified a working relationship and experience that would seem fruitful for later years. TV Production was one of Sipho’s interests which led him to work closely with ENDEMOL. ENDEMOL Studios was a perfect place for Sipho to combine both knowledge and experience that he acquired.

With the experience he possessed, Sipho believed he had enough courage, skill, and determination to partake in this heavily competitive industry by offering cost-effective and creative entertainment solutions while maintaining video business relationships with his clients. Today Mahlangu Production is a thriving organization, providing the best in video production and audiovisual services. With a dedicated team that works together in providing quality service and putting client’s needs first, Mahlangu Production can only grow